Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Bite of BT

All pictures copyright Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood AND USED WITHOUT PERMISSION, SO SHHHH!
I wasn't expecting to do a post tonight, so forgive me if what follows is unpolished/incoherent/lacking wit...but those sly, secretive sneakypants over at Brooklyn Tweed have just dropped Wool People 7 on us, and I couldn't not blab about it. See, I had a *feeling* this was brewing, and freak that I am, have been diligently (so as not to say obsessively) checking both Ravelry and the BT blog for any hint of a new collection. I may have even uttered some expletives out loud, to my computer, when the release of aforementioned new collection was deemed to be not happening fast enough (maturity: qu'est-ce que c'est?). Happily, it's here now, and we can all heave a sigh of relief and admire the goods.

As usual, I've picked the simplest, most pullover-y of the bunch as my personal faves, but in a *shocking* twist, I've also taken special note of a very long scarf...a very long garter stitch scarf...knit with Loft (reaches weakly for smelling salts).

Here are some credits:

Left: Vector scarf, designed by Tanis Lavallee
Upper right: Natsumi sweater, designed by Kazekobo
Middle right: Yane sweater, designed by Tokuko Ochiai
Bottom right: Devlan sweater, designed by Bristol Ivy

At risk of being a "Judgey Janet", I have to say that once my current UFOs are all dealt with, I will most likely turn to BT's Winter collection from this year before hitting up any of these new patterns. I'm still really excited about that collection, and haven't had the time to make a single sweater from it yet, so...I love this one too, but it's going on the back-burner, please don't kill me.

I for one, am quite pleased to have three more simple, classy pullovers with interesting details to add to my already infinite list of simple, classy pullovers with interesting details to knit. Thanks, BT!

And in parting, can we all agree that the true star of this collection/photo shoot is this lady and her hair? So lovely!


  1. I think I audibly cheered when I saw this collection had been released yesterday morning! Devlan is my hands-down favourite, I think. I'm starting the hunt for the perfect olive green now so I can be ready to cast on in the fall. I am also quite taken with Vector, which looks like the perfect scarf/shawl hybrid and exactly the sort of thing I'd wrap myself in all winter long.

    And yeah, isn't she a stunning model? I'm always taken with the BT models, but she's by far my favourite yet.

  2. BT lookbooks are so gorgeous that I become completely discombobulated after they're released and want to knit everything in them—I love how you've narrowed it down!

  3. I giggled at this. Who couldn't relate to stalking pages awaiting new patterns! These look delish. I often peruse Ravelry and I don't even know how to knit! There are just so many pretties! I love the more swing-y sweaters you've picked out. Such a cute silhouette.

  4. Beautiful, classy stuff. (Kind of a late release for "winter" though, isn't it?)

    And I commend you for your "scarf" pic....especially as it is so close to being a "shawl" (wink and a giggle here). And that beautiful model is one of the reasons I am welcoming my gray hair and growing it out from short. It is almost ponytail length again...thank goodness...

  5. That Seacoast sweater (longer as a tunic and in BT's darkest blue) is what I'm seeing as the keystone of my Fall 2014 wardrobe. I agree about the model and her hair (she says who's about 30% gray), but the cut of the other model's hair is perfect. I'm downloading shots to take to the sa-lon. Gray + layers--two great tastes that taste great together.

  6. I have seriously been obsessed with this model for years. She's so gorgeous. Love the new collection too.