Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fresh Tweed

all images copyright Brooklyn Tweed
Breaking news, folks! Or not, depending on how obsessively you check Ravelry for new patterns (I can't even reveal how often I do it myself, for fear of coming across as a complete weirdo). Ahem. Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People 6 is out! I was (not so) patiently waiting for this to surface, and at last it has. Funnily enough, as the pattern images started loading on my screen, the first ones up were the toques...and I was like "no, no, no, NO, I don't WANT to knit a damned hat, gimme SWEATERS!". And of course, then the lovely garments above began to reveal themselves, lol.

I've picked out these four as my favourites, and what I like about them is what I like about all Brooklyn Tweed patterns: the simple shapes, the respect for classic details, and a hint of some contemporary "je ne sais quoi". Also, most of them are knit with Shelter, which my favourite LYS now carries (I also find it easier to substitute for than Loft). Here are the details, with links to their Ravelry pages:

Top left: Rook, by Kyoko Nakayoshi
Top right: Carpino, by Carol Feller
Bottom left: Greenwood, by Ann-Marie Jackson
Bottom right: Skydottir, by Dianna Walla

It goes without saying that I don't need to be adding any new sweaters to my already impossible-to-knit-through list of knit garments, but there's something reassuring in knowing that the end of great patterns is nowhere in sight!

Now, if only they can hurry it up with BT Winter (just kidding...sort of).


  1. AHHH every time BT releases new designs it's like Christmas, even though I never knit them. The Rook is super appealing though; it's knit top-down in the round, and it's super cute!

  2. I agree! Although these haven't displaced Stonecutter as my next major undertaking, they've given me serious consideration for new year knits...

  3. I am knitting one of their men's sweaters right now and have been sooo impressed at how good their patterns and instructions are. The new releases had me drooling, too, of course!