Sunday, October 27, 2013

Caramel Coat

Yes, a new fall coat! I have been dreaming of/working on/avoiding finishing this coat since last spring. You might recall that I did a post on my olive coat around that time, and waxed enthusiastic about the pattern I used. I may have also blabbed in the comments about how I couldn't wait to launch into another version, since it fit so well and sewed up so nicely. Well...half a year down the line, I have finally finished a lovely caramel twill version, complete with proper lining, and I love it!

The original pattern does not actually include instructions for a lining, so like I did with my olive coat, I improvised (only this time I used a proper lining fabric). I had actually finished most of this coat in August, but there was some topstitching to deal with and the hemming of the lining to sort out. I had never actually done a blind stitched hem before, and had to rip out the first attempt because I was getting some weird-ass puckering along the bottom of the coat. But in the end...c'est si bon!

All in all, there isn't a whole lot to really say about this coat, other than it fits and I really like it. Apart from adding the lining, I modified the body shape just a little to be more boxy and less a-line (I think I made the arms longer this time too, and put an extra wide cuff on them). While the fabric I used for the lining is by no means anything luxurious, it does feel great to slip into and adds a little bit of warmth as well. Again, if you've never made a coat before but would like to, I would urge you to track this pattern (Simplicity 3694) down on ebay or etsy if you can: it's simple but stylish, easy to play around with and modify once you're comfortable, and the pockets are the easiest I've ever come across (and Lord knows, I love me some angst-free pockets!).

For myself, this pattern will be taking a break for the time being, as I have two other coats on the go using a different Built By Wendy pattern. And if anyone has any coat projects on the go, please leave a link/talk about them in the comments!


  1. Fabulous! What a fantastic job! It's so hard to find a basic flattering coat these days that can work with any piece in your wardrobe.

  2. Love it! and such a great colour to go with everything - this is just the sort of trans seasonal jacket I need. Think I may start with something a bit more basic to match my sewing skills though!

  3. Wonderful coat and looks so smart on you too.

  4. This is so, so great. Stylish, practical, and a perfect fit – that's basically the trifecta of why making is (or can be) awesome.

  5. You did a great job with the top stitching and the lining, I am exited to try this pattern also, I have had it in my stash for awhile. What is the other Built by Wendy Jacket pattern you are going to use?

  6. Thanks! Blind stitching the hem of the lining was time consuming, but not actually difficult. I'm glad I finally took the time to learn how!

    The other BBW coat pattern I'm working with is Simplicity's 3966, which I absolutely love, but have never actually completed. I also have Wendy Mullin's "Coats & Jackets" sewing book, but have never actually made anything from it (the sizing seems really small to me, even for the coats that are meant to be, the patterns don't have seam allowances!).

    Anyways, send me a message/link when you're finished your coat. I'd love to see it!