Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something(s) New

Three somethings to be exact, and not a summer knit among them! A truly wonderful combination of stash- busting and a birthday gift certificate to my favourite LYS has resulted in a flurry of jump-started fall and winter appropriate projects. I'm hoping that these three knit cardigans combined with some (in-progress) sewn tops will see me through most of next fall and winter, and relieve some of the pressure to produce once I'm back teaching full-time in September (oh god, that's only a month away, f*** noooooooooo!). Ahem. But let's take a closer look, shall we?

Upper left: this is the much-made Aidez sweater (free!) from Berroco. I'm knitting it up with some charcoal Atlantic from Briggs & Little, which is basically a chunky version of their Tuffy (which I used to make my Exeter cardigan). Like with the Exeter, I chose this yarn so the cardi can double as outerwear and not pill, fray, and generally turn into a rag. Smells like a sheep, but at least it's tough!

Upper right: this is the Slade cardigan from the new Brooklyn Tweed men's collection, being knit up in the cast iron colour of Shelter. That's right folks: I am knitting a bonifide Brooklyn Tweed pattern in some authentic-as-shit Brooklyn Tweed yard. How is this possible? Why, because a few weeks ago, The Beehive Wool Shop right here in little ol' Victoria BC began to carry Shelter. As in the entire the shade card. They're even having a contest right now where each time you purchase something at the store, you can enter your receipt to win all the Shelter yarn you need for a project of your choice (why hello there, yarn hog Eternity cardigan!).

Lower center: this is ye olde Takoma sweater, another freebie from an old issue of Knitty. I'm using Cascade Eco Wool in pumpkin spice, dark brown, and beige. I know a lot of people have complained about the purl-side colourwork on this cardigan, but when the alternative is the potential mayhem of steeking, I find I'm quite ok with it! Because there is so much stranding going on, this one is going to be very toasty, which is fantastic because my classroom is about as warm as a meat locker in winter.

I do wish I had some finished things to show, but a minor major set-back with one of my nearly completed sewing projects set me back a little. I should be back on track with things after the weekend, so check back soon!


  1. Well three at a time, you're really motivated! Three winners I'm sure!
    Great start! You should post them on ravelry to follow your work and encourage you :o)

    1. Thanks! I'll be posting them on Ravelry as soon as they're finished (I'm hoping to finish at least two of them before the end of August). The Aidez sweater especially is coming along really quickly :)

  2. I can't wait to see what your takoma sweater is going to look like. I love the colour combo.
    Kristy-Ann, Halifax, East coast knitter

  3. Thanks! I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked on it, due to the fact that I've started more projects than I've finished these last few months...but I'm hoping to pay a little more attention to it over the holidays :)